all the information contained in Zone.Kurd-h cybercrime archive were either collected online from public sources or directly notified anonymously to us. Zone.kurd-h is neither responsible for the reported computer crimes nor it is directly or indirectly involved with them. You might find some offensive contents in the mirrored defacements. Zone.kurd-h didn't produce them so we cannot be responsible for such contents. *If you are the administrator of an hacked site which is mirrored in Zone.kurd-h, please note that Zone.kurd-h is not related at all with the defacements itself. Don't ask us to remove the mirror of your defaced website, as a cybercrime archive Zone.kurd-h's mission is to keep the entries in the database. All the self-produced material belongs to Zone.kurd-h. You are free to use it as long as proper credits to Zone.kurd-h are reported as by the CC license reported below. Zone.kurd-h is not responsible for the use/misuse of the published information, you can use it at your own risk.